Help RSM Founder Wayne Franklin Reach #1 in Kindle Bestsellers for Satire

Make this Thursday MouseFirst Thursday and help RSM founder Wayne Franklin turn his novel into a bestseller.

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Voluntary Indignities: My Adventure in Self-Publishing, Part 2

I could mention that the book is currently on sale for only $1.99 at the Kindle Store, but that would compromise my integrity as a blogger. So, I won’t.

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Voluntary Indignities: My Adventure in Self-Publishing, Part 1

In the greater publishing world, self-published authors are regarded as being slightly more respectable than personal injury lawyers but significantly less respectable than your average ex-con.

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Our Hidden History: A Response to The New Yorker

RSM founder Wayne Franklin responds to the portrayal of this site in a recent column by George Packer of the New Yorker.

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One for the Newcomers: The Best of RSM

In order to give our new readers a taste of everything RSM can be, we’re going to cycle through some of our most popular stories from the past eleven months, moving them up to the top of the front page.

In case you’re too impatient to wait for those, here are some links:

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Twanglish Lesson: Junder and Yunder (Not A Law Firm)

Twanglish Lessons is your semi-unregularly posted guide to mastering the finer points of the Official Language of the South. Remember: it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

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Real Southern Rules: Reconsidering the Real Southern Man

Thanks to the mocking words of a certain writer for The New Yorker, we’ve had to take a long, hard look at our Southernness. And we’ve completely reconsidered what a Real Southern Man is.

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To Paleo or not to Paleo?

That seems to be the question these days, as the Paleo Diet is sweeping the nation. Today, two Real Southern Men take on this dicey topic with two very different points of view.

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Reclaiming the Traditional Southern Diet

Our ancestors were the original hipsters – eating “free-range” meat, organic vegetables and fruits, drinking milk from pastured cows. Their food came from the land; it was there that it originated. It was consumed close to the land, and they loved the land and respected it.

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Grits from Heaven: Why I don’t do Paleo

Judging by social media and conversations with friends, everyone is adopting the Paleo Diet, which, as the name implies, requires you to eat only rocks.

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Twanglish Lessons: Tell Big Momma and Them We Said “Hey”

Now that we’ve gotten past our 15 minutes of fame (or was it infamy?) brought on by being slanderously maligned in The New Yorker, it’s time to get back to the business of “reveling in the New South and wrasslin’ with the Old.” And what better way to do that than a new Twanglish Lesson?

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God. Family. Football. A Twanglish Lesson

People from other regions see our devotion to football in this part of the country as misplaced, or even delusional. They’re wrong.

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