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RSMU – Week 2 Picks

Our first week of football picks saw mixed results … unless your name is Jerrod Brown. Jerrod was unblemished in his picks last week. Can he keep it up again this week? Let’s see … This week’s games: Auburn at Mississippi State Eastern Carolina at South Carolina North Carolina at Wake Forest Florida at Texas […]

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RSM Profile: John Heisman

He was born in Ohio, raised and educated in Pennsylvania and buried in Wisconsin. So why would we want to honor him as a Southern man? Because the years that really defined his legend were spent below the Mason-Dixon, shaping that great Southern religion: college football. His name was John Heisman.

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Gas On, Gas Off – Part II of a RSM Adventure

“Now the one thing no one wants to do is drop the clutch and stall the car as he’s trying to pull away. No decent Real Southern Man raised on NASCAR would ever allow that to happen.”

In part one of his Real Southern Men Adventure at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, RSM Kris Wheeler squeezed himself into some ill-fitting fireproof jammies and steeled his nerve for a 180 m.p.h. spin around the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

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