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RSMU – Week 8 Picks

Here we are at the midpoint of the college football regular season. Alabama, Oregon, Florida, Notre Dame and a handful of other teams remain undefeated. The RSM pickers, sadly, do not. Let’s get to the picks! This week’s games: LSU at Texas A&M Virginia Tech at Clemson Auburn at Vanderbilt Wake Forest at Virginia South […]

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RSMU – Week 4 Picks

Another week, another great slate of Southern football. Before we kill this horse and keep beating it for the sheer pleasure of it, let’s get to the games: This week’s games: Maryland at West Virginia Virginia at TCU Ole Miss at Tulane Miami at Georgia Tech Missouri at South Carolina Louisville at Florida International Memphis at Duke Clemson at Florida State Rutgers at Arkansas […]

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Football’s back … and so are we!

Tonight, after a long off-season filled with pain, suffering, lamentations and probably a fair amount of binge drinking to console the sorrows that come with the loss of our favorite sport for eight months, college football makes its return. For the next four-plus months, half of us will deal with the pain, suffering and lamentations […]

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