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One for the Newcomers: The Best of RSM

In order to give our new readers a taste of everything RSM can be, we’re going to cycle through some of our most popular stories from the past eleven months, moving them up to the top of the front page.

In case you’re too impatient to wait for those, here are some links:

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Be a Real Southerner: Read our Weekly Round-Up

It was a pretty busy week here on Real Southern Men. And with a busy week, there’s always a chance y’all missed something. Here’s you chance to slow down, grab a sweet tea and catch up on some real Southern goodness…

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Meet Rube Burrow, King of the Outlaws

A Real Southern Men Profile His legend hasn’t lived on like that of Jesse James or Billy the Kid. In fact, if not for a beloved (and now sadly defunct) eatery on Birmingham’s Southside, it’s likely most Southerners wouldn’t even know his name. He was Rube Burrow, the “King of the Outlaws.” Born Reuben Houston […]

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