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Real Southern Rule: Do it Right (RSM Goes on Hiatus)

Rather than do our job here poorly, we are putting RSM on hiatus until September. Read the full post to learn why…

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Help Us Decide: 10 Steps to Real Southerness

Let’s face it, this country is plagued with an epidemic of non-Southernness. We could sit back and complain about it, or we could change things. Being that Real Southern Men are men of action, we choose the latter.

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Southern Sweets Showdown Round 1: #14 Apple Fritters vs. #3 Bread Pudding

Round One of the Southern Sweets Showdown rolls on with the 3-seeds versus the 14-seeds.

Today’s matchup comes from the Cakes, Puddings & Ice Cream Region, pitting the #3 Bread Pudding against #14 Apple Fritters.

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