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The Best of RSM: Southern Cussemisms

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts over the last two days. It’s been a busy time for all of our contributors. I’d like to say the distractions involved defending a young lady’s honor, a four-barrel carburetor or a quality batch of home brew, but that just isn’t the case. (However, it did […]

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Uncommon Decency and the Southern Man

When you create, you expect critics. And in the wide open world of the internet, with its promise of faceless anonymity, the critics are harsher than ever. We knew that full well before starting this site.

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Twanglish Lesson: Southern Cussemisms

Twanglish Lessons is your bi-weekly guide to the finer points of the official Southern Language. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

In keeping with our de facto theme for the week, today we take a look at those uniquely Southern euphemisms for cuss words. We call them “cussemisms.”

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B. Ivey, Real Southern Dad: Dust a Shelf

Yesterday, we made our case for why F-bombs are for Yankees and laid down some cussing rules in the process. Today, Billy Ivey completely ignores that advice.

“I started trying to hang the shelf at around 3PM. One shelf. One, single utility closet shelf. Six feet long. 16 inches deep.”

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F-Bombs are for Yankees

According to the study, more than 47% of Facebook users include profanities in their status updates. More than 80% had profanities among the comments on their posts. And the F-word was leading the way.

Surely this was just a Northern trend, right? Right?

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