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Real Southern Rules: Shameless Self-Promotion

We live in an age of self-promotion. And I’m just as bad as anyone about it. Sadly, this situation is just further proof of the fact that I’m no Real Southern Man, because …

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Real Southern Rule: Do it Right (RSM Goes on Hiatus)

Rather than do our job here poorly, we are putting RSM on hiatus until September. Read the full post to learn why…

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Win Sweet Stuff in the RealSouthern Sweets-Stakes!

We’ve only been around for two months, and we’ve already decided to give stuff away. Why? Because, as the Mouseketeers used to say, we like you.

And because Real Southern Men and women love to eat!

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The Best (of) Real Southern Men

Here’s an amazing fact, at least to us: we’ve published more than 120 posts in just two short months of existence here at RSM. That’s an average of about two posts per day. And there are a ton of other content ideas that we haven’t even touched, yet.

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