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On Mardi Gras Day, it’s time for a Moon Pie

It’s Fat Tuesday, and parades are rolling across the Gulf Coast throughout the day, bringing the 2012 carnival season to a close. While beads are the attraction in New Orleans (okay, maybe it isn’t the beads but what some people will do to get them), in Mobile, the birthplace of Mardi Gras, it’s all about […]

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Uncommon Decency and the Southern Man

When you create, you expect critics. And in the wide open world of the internet, with its promise of faceless anonymity, the critics are harsher than ever. We knew that full well before starting this site.

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10 Things You May Not Know About the Civil War (pt. 2)

Today, we continue listing our 10 curious facts and dispelled myths about the Civil War. Our list today includes some ugly truths about Northern opinions on race and the long, slow march toward freedom for American slaves.

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RSM Profile: Jean Lafitte

This week has become something of a Pirate Week here on RSM.

We continue our look at the pirating history of the South with a profile of the gentleman “Prince of Pirates,” that charming rogue synonymous with the early history of New Orleans, Jean Lafitte.

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