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A Real Southern Man is… #3

Today’s entry of “A Real Southern Man is…” is a surprisingly divisive one. Roughly half of the RSM contributors not only agree with this one, but resemble it. The other half find it an embarrassing stereotype.

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Gas On, Gas Off – Part II of a RSM Adventure

“Now the one thing no one wants to do is drop the clutch and stall the car as he’s trying to pull away. No decent Real Southern Man raised on NASCAR would ever allow that to happen.”

In part one of his Real Southern Men Adventure at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, RSM Kris Wheeler squeezed himself into some ill-fitting fireproof jammies and steeled his nerve for a 180 m.p.h. spin around the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

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Southern Men, NASCAR & Fire-Proof Jammies

“Three middle-aged men are about to slip behind the wheel of a 600-horsepower, Sprint Cup-style stock car and take it for a spin at race speeds. When the green flag drops, it’ll be every man for himself.”

Kris Wheeler leads us on a Real Southern Men Adventure as he takes on the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Surely getting behind the wheel of a bona fide NASCAR stock car makes one a Real Southern Man … assuming he lives to tell about it.

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Be a Real Southern Man #9

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is going to get a little messy, if you do it right. There’s no room for windshield tourists or armchair fans today. You’ve got to infiltrate the oily, dirty underbelly of Southern culture (on the skids.)

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