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Syrup vs. Fig Preserves – More Round 2

Here’s a match-up from the Miscellany region as the second round of the Southern Sweets Showdown rolls on.

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RSM Profile: A Real Southern Dog

What is arguably the most American of all dog breeds is not recognized as a show-worthy breed by the American Kennel Club. Perhaps it’s the fact that the most American of all dog breeds is also undeniably Southern.

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Last Day to Vote on the 2 vs. 15 Match-ups!

Tomorrow morning, there will be a reckoning … at least we reckon there will. At that time, we’ll total up the votes in all of our 2-seed versus 15-seed match-ups in the Southern Sweets Showdown.

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RSM Profile: Jean Lafitte

This week has become something of a Pirate Week here on RSM.

We continue our look at the pirating history of the South with a profile of the gentleman “Prince of Pirates,” that charming rogue synonymous with the early history of New Orleans, Jean Lafitte.

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What’s on the RSM Grill? You tell us.

Last month, we launched a new feature called “What’s on the RSM Grill?” along with a corresponding Facebook page where you can share pics of your crazy grill action.

Today’s second entry comes to from RSM contributor and Twitter guru, David Reber, who has that whole multicultural cuisine down pat…

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G’ Rides – Thibodaux

RSM contributor George Heubach loves nothing more than to saddle up his Harley and join his riding crew for tours around the Southeast. You can be sure he’ll always have his trusty camera along to capture the moment. Then we’ll put some of them up here for you all to enjoy. Occasionally, he’ll also bring […]

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