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Nine Questions with Filmmaker Robert Persons

Wayne Franklin recently had the pleasure of conversing with first-time filmmaker Robert Persons about his wonderfully rich film General Orders No. 9. Appropriately, Wayne asked him nine questions:

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RSM Profile: Wernher von Braun

What marks the legacy of a man? Is it his achievements? His words? Or is it his history, his heritage, his associations? These questions get to the heart of the debate over the legacy of many a Southern man … including German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

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Real Southern Quote: God vs. Science

In researching quotes by the late rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, we found the man was eminently quotable. Rather than keeping those to ourselves, we’ll keep them coming for the rest of the week.

A leading proponent of human space exploration might seem an odd advocate for the existence of God. As in many other arenas, Wernher von Braun defied common expectations…

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Real Southern Quote: Dealing with the Impossible

Today’s Real Southern Quote comes to us from one of the greatest scientific minds of the last century … or any century for that matter.

Wernher von Braun ponders the meaning of the impossible…

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Get Your Civil War On

Last week, we had a Civil War theme week here on RSM. With the four-year Sesquicentennial of the War going on, you can expect more of that in coming months. Here’s a look at our best posts from last week, as well as previous Civil War stories…

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Twanglish Lesson: Wawah

Twanglish Lesson is your bi-weekly guide to the Southern Language. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

It’s Civil War week on RSM. But before we can have a proper discussion of the Civil War and its myriad complexities, we’ve got to master the lingo.


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Real Southern Quote: On the Nature of Sailors

Today’s Real Southern Quote comes to us from the pages of the war memoirs of Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the CSS Alabama. It deals with nothing less than the fundamental nature of sailors.

What can we say? Stereotypes exist for a reason…

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Boy Meets Ship: A Pirate Love Story

In great stories of brave sea captains, his ship is more than merely a means of conveyance. It is his home, office, sanctuary, best friend, confidant and one true love.

This is one such love story…

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The Civil War…on your iPad

I have discovered perhaps the coolest iPad app yet: The Civil War Today from History. (You know, the network formerly known as The History Channel that now runs more programs about the present than about history?  Yeah, that one.) Presented as a daily 19th Century newspaper, The Civil War today brings new articles, photos and […]

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