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Reclaiming the Traditional Southern Diet

Our ancestors were the original hipsters – eating “free-range” meat, organic vegetables and fruits, drinking milk from pastured cows. Their food came from the land; it was there that it originated. It was consumed close to the land, and they loved the land and respected it.

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Aporkalypse Now: Preparing for the Bacon Shortage

If you are not already seated, you might want to sit down for this: the top news this morning is a pending worldwide shortage of bacon. We’ll give you a moment to deal with your emotions.

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Win Sweet Stuff in the RealSouthern Sweets-Stakes!

We’ve only been around for two months, and we’ve already decided to give stuff away. Why? Because, as the Mouseketeers used to say, we like you.

And because Real Southern Men and women love to eat!

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Meet the RSM: Adam Caperton

We here at Real Southern Men are excited to introduce you to our newest contributor, Adam Caperton. At turns a chef, wine bar operator and bona fide rock musician, Adam brings touches of both cool and class to our ragtag band of Southern pontificators. We look forward to his musings on Southern food, wine, travel […]

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