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Our Token Woman Takes on the Sweets Showdown

Our lone female guest contributor, Deborah Krauss, returns with this week’s entries in the Southern Sweets Showdown. I suppose this makes her a recurring guest contributor now. Eventually, she may be a full-fledged contributor, but then we’ll have to change the name … and the logo. We like the logo. The logo is good.

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Last Day to Vote on the 2 vs. 15 Match-ups!

Tomorrow morning, there will be a reckoning … at least we reckon there will. At that time, we’ll total up the votes in all of our 2-seed versus 15-seed match-ups in the Southern Sweets Showdown.

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Download the Updated Southern Sweets Showdown Brackets

With the play-in round of the Southern Sweets Showdown behind us, it was time to update the brackets. Done. Click. Download. Start thinking about who you’ll vote for next.

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The Play-in Results are in!

The play-in round of our first Southern Sweets Showdown is officially over … with some surprising results. Read on to find out who made it to the first round, and who will be going back to the kitchen cupboard in shame.

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Southern Sweets Showdown: Make Your Play-in Picks!

Voting is ongoing in our first two play-in match-ups of the Southern Sweets Showdown. Read up on the contestants and make your picks.

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Twanglish Lesson: Idee

Twanglish Lessons is your guide to mastering the finer points of the Official Language of the South. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

Today’s Twanglish Lesson comes from a place of desperation. It’s tough to keep coming up with new ones to write.

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A Real Southern Man Never Quits: A Confession

It’s Friday. Very few people will read this website today. That’s what our statistics tell us.

I can tell you that there have been 190 posts on this site since we started on April 9. Of those, I’ve written about 165. But why do I do it?

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F-Bombs are for Yankees

According to the study, more than 47% of Facebook users include profanities in their status updates. More than 80% had profanities among the comments on their posts. And the F-word was leading the way.

Surely this was just a Northern trend, right? Right?

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Win Sweet Stuff in the RealSouthern Sweets-Stakes!

We’ve only been around for two months, and we’ve already decided to give stuff away. Why? Because, as the Mouseketeers used to say, we like you.

And because Real Southern Men and women love to eat!

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The Best (of) Real Southern Men

Here’s an amazing fact, at least to us: we’ve published more than 120 posts in just two short months of existence here at RSM. That’s an average of about two posts per day. And there are a ton of other content ideas that we haven’t even touched, yet.

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