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The Great Dog Experiment of 2011

In the annals of great Southern experiments, there are many failures. Add to that list the recent attempt of the Franklin family to get a new pet, a.k.a The Great Dog Experiment of 2011, a.k.a The Christmas of Disappointment.

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RSM Profile: A Real Southern Dog

What is arguably the most American of all dog breeds is not recognized as a show-worthy breed by the American Kennel Club. Perhaps it’s the fact that the most American of all dog breeds is also undeniably Southern.

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Twanglish Lesson: Dawg

Twanglish Lessons is your (sometimes) bi-weekly guide to the ins and outs of the Official Language of the South. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

Well, I’ll be dawg! Twanglish Lessons are back from a two-month hiatus!

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RSM’s Guide to Designer Dog Breeds

We’ve established that every Real Southern Man must own a dog, and that for many, the mutt is the king of all Southern dogs. But one man’s mutt is some woman’s designer dog breed.

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Real Southern Rule #19: Get A Dog

The middle class, perhaps reflecting their own jambalaya of a heritage, embrace the mutts. In fact, anyone who brags about being 1/96 Cherokee but refuses to own a mixed-breed dog is not to be trusted.

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Saying Goodbye to a Southern Man’s Best Friend

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend. For a Real Southern Man, even more so.

RSM David Reber recalls the life and times of his dog, Sir Duke Ellington.

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