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It’s Pirate Week on Real Southern Men!

In honor of the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and Drake’s Raid in St. Augustine, we’ve dubbed this Pirate Week on RSM. First, we delved into the mystery of why the Billy Bowlegs Festival claims William Augustus Bowles as its patron pirate … despite the fact that he was never called Billy […]

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Real Southern Quote: On the Nature of Sailors

Today’s Real Southern Quote comes to us from the pages of the war memoirs of Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the CSS Alabama. It deals with nothing less than the fundamental nature of sailors.

What can we say? Stereotypes exist for a reason…

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Boy Meets Ship: A Pirate Love Story

In great stories of brave sea captains, his ship is more than merely a means of conveyance. It is his home, office, sanctuary, best friend, confidant and one true love.

This is one such love story…

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