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Bracket-Shattering Upset Marks First Round

The first batch of match-ups in the first round of the Southern Sweets Showdown proved to be a mixed bag. We had runaway blowouts and heated contests … with one bracket-shattering upset.

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Last Day to Vote on the 2 vs. 15 Match-ups!

Tomorrow morning, there will be a reckoning … at least we reckon there will. At that time, we’ll total up the votes in all of our 2-seed versus 15-seed match-ups in the Southern Sweets Showdown.

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Southern Sweets Showdown Round 1: #15 Coconut Cream Pie vs. #2 Peach Cobbler

It’s our final matchup of a 2-seed versus a 15-seed.

This matchup comes from the Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings region, pitting the #2 seed Peach Cobbler against the feisty underdog, #15 Coconut Cream Pie.

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