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The Snooty and the Common of Hand-Held Treats

These are Russian tea cakes. Southern ones are usually eaten before anyone can take a picture. Image via Wikipedia
Hand-Held Treats, the division for children of all ages… or those who prefer to eat their Southern Sweets while driving their pickup truck to the woods to pick out their Christmas tree (tree lots are for city folks and Yankees).

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Southern Sweet: A Little Powder for Your Pucker

This Southern sweet is by far the youngest competitor in our crowded field. The product of Creative Concepts, a Birmingham-based candy company founded in 1997, Pucker Powder may be unfamiliar to anyone who isn’t either in school or the parent of someone who is. Welcome to the Southern Sweet generation gap.

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Win Sweet Stuff in the RealSouthern Sweets-Stakes!

We’ve only been around for two months, and we’ve already decided to give stuff away. Why? Because, as the Mouseketeers used to say, we like you.

And because Real Southern Men and women love to eat!

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