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The Great Dog Experiment of 2011

In the annals of great Southern experiments, there are many failures. Add to that list the recent attempt of the Franklin family to get a new pet, a.k.a The Great Dog Experiment of 2011, a.k.a The Christmas of Disappointment.

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Take That, Thanksgiving!

I know it has become fashionable to rant and rave about Christmas encroaching on Thanksgiving’s territory, but don’t be surprised if I mock you for espousing that sentiment. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Thanksgiving is a cruel, evil holiday that is slowly trying to kill me and my family.

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Your Invitation to Thanksgiving in the RSM Clubhouse

You are cordially invited to the imaginary RSM clubhouse, where the leaves are always golden, the breezes cool, your college is always winning on the gridiron, and the air smells continuously of a veritable feast. We invite you to share with the RSM world what you will be bringing to the table.

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Southern Sweet: Nothing’s Nuttier than a Fruitcake

We have all heard the jokes about fruitcake: “Better off using as a door stop.” “ Would survive a nuclear disaster.” “Makes a great speed bump for the neighborhood street.” “Use in the place of concrete blocks.”

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Southern Sweets: Raisin Pie

While going through family histories and family writings, I learned my Grandmother was known for making raisin pies — especially at Christmas time. I had never had raisin pie and the thought of it sounded quite strange.

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Twanglish Lesson: Give

Twanglish Lessons is your bi-weekly guide to the finer points of the Official Language of the South. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

One would be forgiven if they looked at the title of today’s Twanglish Lesson and thought we were talking about that seemingly unending Southern capacity for generosity. Alas, that’s not the kind of giving we’re studying today.

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