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The Southern Sweets Showdown Lightning Round!

When we began this little endeavor called the Southern Sweets Showdown, the plan was to write an original article or anecdote about each of the 68 contestants in the first round. Yeah … didn’t exactly work out that way.

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Time for OT in the Southern Sweets Showdown

Here’s the real shocker: for the first time in the Southern Sweets Showdown, we have a tie. Not only do we have our first tie, we have two of them!

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The He-Said, She-Said of the Southern Sweets Showdown

Today you get two showdowns in one. On one level it’s #4 Apple Butter vs. #13 Banana & Mayonnaise Sandwich in the Miscellany Region. On another level, it’s Deb vs. Wayne, Her vs. Him in the Battle of the Sandwich.

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