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Nine Questions with Filmmaker Robert Persons

Wayne Franklin recently had the pleasure of conversing with first-time filmmaker Robert Persons about his wonderfully rich film General Orders No. 9. Appropriately, Wayne asked him nine questions:

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Mobile-built sub CSS Hunley upright for first time since 1864 | al.com

        The CSS Hunley was, for many years, the stuff of legend: a human-powered Confederate submarine, the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship in combat. Tragically, the Hunley itself sank after delivering its deadly payload. Some years ago, the Hunley was located and raised from the depths to begin a […]

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Should African-Americans Attend Civil War Events?

A recent Associated Press story delved into the question of why black citizens are largely avoiding commemorations of the Civil War. Admittedly, the Sesquicentennial is only a few weeks old, but the account they present certainly points to the beginning of a trend. It’s possible that, as events migrate toward Northern battlefields or commemorate events in […]

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Twanglish Lesson: Civil War Slang

Twanglish Lessons is your bi-weekly guide to mastering the finer points of the Southern Language. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

In keeping with our theme for the week, we’re breaking from the usual structure of our Twanglish Lesson. Today, we’re bringing you a collection of slang and colloquial terms that were common during the Civil War.

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RSM Profile: William J. Hardee

Today’s RSM Profile is of a lesser-known general from the Civil War, but one of utmost importance. William J. Hardee wrote the book on battle for the Civil War … literally.

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Twanglish Lesson: Wawah

Twanglish Lesson is your bi-weekly guide to the Southern Language. Remember, it’s not English; it’s Twanglish.

It’s Civil War week on RSM. But before we can have a proper discussion of the Civil War and its myriad complexities, we’ve got to master the lingo.


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Is It Proper To Honor The Confederate Dead?

Another Memorial Day has come and gone and I suspect few people paused to honor or think about the 260,000 Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War. No surprise. It wouldn’t be politically correct to do so, right? After all, Johnny Reb wasn’t doing battle on behalf of the United States of America. And […]

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