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RSM Profile: Davy Crockett

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Real Southern Men we could profile here. Many of them had more of an impact on history and life in the South and beyond, but only one can boast creating a bona fide pop culture phenomenon more than a century after his death. That one is Davy Crockett.

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RSM Profile: William “Champ” Pickens

Ask any casual football fan who is responsible for the tradition of championships at the University of Alabama, and few would utter the name of William “Champ” Pickens.

We think they should, and today’s RSM Profile explains why…

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RSM Profile: Vulcan

He was born of the earth in the foothills of the Appalachians, hardened in the fiery furnaces of industry.

Click “Read More” to learn why we think Vulcan is a Real Southern Man.

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RSM Profile: George Washington Carver

Like many members of Generation X (Remember us? Goatees, flannel, post-graduate malaise? No? Oh, well…) whenever I hear the name of George Washington Carver, I automatically think of Eddie Murphy as Shabazz K. Morton in his infamous “Black History Minute” sketch on Saturday Night Live. Specifically, I remember the penultimate line, riffing on Carver’s fate […]

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RSM Profile: Levi Miller

Let’s deal with this right up front: yes, this post is about an African-American man, a slave, who fought on behalf of the Confederacy. No, this is not one of those websites that trumps out every so-called “black Confederate” we can find to try to make some half-baked point about the fair treatment of black […]

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RSM Profile: Robert Toombs

Southern men, especially white Southern men, have been both mocked and praised for their stubborn defense of lost causes. The most shameful examples, of course, are those of slavery and segregation. While it would be easy to paint antebellum Southern men with a broad anti-federalist, pro-slavery brush, one who defied those easy characterizations (while stubbornly […]

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These are the Southerners you’re looking for

They may be fathers or football coaches, raconteurs or rocket scientists, craftsmen or criminals,┬áCivil War heroes or Civil Rights pioneers. No matter their occupation, their identities are forever intertwined with the South – each leaving its mark on the other until they and the South became synonymous. They need not have been born in the […]

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