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A Real Southern Man Never Quits: A Confession

It’s Friday. Very few people will read this website today. That’s what our statistics tell us.

I can tell you that there have been 190 posts on this site since we started on April 9. Of those, I’ve written about 165. But why do I do it?

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What the Cuss Do You Think?

Okay, that title has very little to do with this post, but since we’ve stumbled into a de facto cussing theme for the week, what the hey?

We’re mulling some changes here at Real Southern Men, and we’d like your input…

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Be a Real Southerner: Read our Weekly Round-Up

It was a pretty busy week here on Real Southern Men. And with a busy week, there’s always a chance y’all missed something. Here’s you chance to slow down, grab a sweet tea and catch up on some real Southern goodness…

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Win Sweet Stuff in the RealSouthern Sweets-Stakes!

We’ve only been around for two months, and we’ve already decided to give stuff away. Why? Because, as the Mouseketeers used to say, we like you.

And because Real Southern Men and women love to eat!

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Real Southern Men Bring the Funny

Yesterday, we shared with you the best of our musings about Southern life, family and our own histories. Today, we go the other way. Southern storytelling has a long history of humor, peppered with hyperbole, wit and sarcasm, sweetened with a heaping spoonful of gentility. Like good Southern cooking, it’s complex – savory and sweet.

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The Best (of) Real Southern Men

Here’s an amazing fact, at least to us: we’ve published more than 120 posts in just two short months of existence here at RSM. That’s an average of about two posts per day. And there are a ton of other content ideas that we haven’t even touched, yet.

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Meet the RSM: Adam Caperton

We here at Real Southern Men are excited to introduce you to our newest contributor, Adam Caperton. At turns a chef, wine bar operator and bona fide rock musician, Adam brings touches of both cool and class to our ragtag band of Southern pontificators. We look forward to his musings on Southern food, wine, travel […]

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It’s Pirate Week on Real Southern Men!

In honor of the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and┬áDrake’s Raid in St. Augustine, we’ve dubbed this Pirate Week on RSM. First, we delved into the mystery of why the Billy Bowlegs Festival claims William Augustus Bowles as its patron pirate … despite the fact that he was never called Billy […]

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UPDATED – Opportunities to Aid in Storm Recovery

As the recovery begins for the Southern states devastated by recent storms, we’ll post links here to ways you can help. Volunteer: Hands on Birmingham is a volunteer resource for Central Alabama. The city of Tuscaloosa’s official volunteer organization effort can be reached at 205.561.4169. Oak Mountain Church in Birmingham has set up a disaster […]

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Volunteer Opportunities in Storm-Stricken States

As the recovery begins for the Southern states devastated by recent storms, we’ll post links here to ways you can help.

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