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RSM Profile: A Real Southern Dog

What is arguably the most American of all dog breeds is not recognized as a show-worthy breed by the American Kennel Club. Perhaps it’s the fact that the most American of all dog breeds is also undeniably Southern.

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RSM Resolutions for 2012

2011 is not quite belly-up, yet, but it is contorting into fitful death throes. Soon we’ll be able to tag the toe and slam the drawer. As the final hours of this year tick off, we look back on our first (partial) year here on RSM and make some resolutions for 2012. Why? Because that’s […]

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Nothing Sweeter than a Sweet “Buhtayduh”

The long first round of the Southern Sweets Showdown continues with pairings of the seven-seeds and 10-seeds. To speed things along, we’re bringing you not one, but two, two, TWO match-ups in one post! (Call now to receive this special offer.)

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Southern Sweet: Nothing’s Nuttier than a Fruitcake

We have all heard the jokes about fruitcake: “Better off using as a door stop.” “ Would survive a nuclear disaster.” “Makes a great speed bump for the neighborhood street.” “Use in the place of concrete blocks.”

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Be a Real Southern Man #6 – Tick off PETA

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is sure to cause some controversy. Or maybe not. Depends on whom you ask. Although, with the way our readership has been dwindling lately, we could use a little bit of a scandal.

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Where Real Southern Men Come From

We’ve written much on here about the goal of defining Southern masculinity and celebrating all the good of the South.

What I have never shared was the original germ of an idea that sparked the whole thing. That’s because, until two days ago, I had honestly forgotten.

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RSM Profile: John Heisman

He was born in Ohio, raised and educated in Pennsylvania and buried in Wisconsin. So why would we want to honor him as a Southern man? Because the years that really defined his legend were spent below the Mason-Dixon, shaping that great Southern religion: college football. His name was John Heisman.

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Real Southern Quote: Coach Frank Howard on Retirement

Legendary Clemson football coach Frank Howard was known as the “Bard of Barlow Bend” for his way with words. Here’s a little taste:

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RSM Recommendation: One of Our Favorite Bloggers

Through the course of running a blog like this, you inevitably begin to network with other bloggers via that sticky, gooey, stringy jumble of information that is the interwebs. We’re going to start turning you on to some of our favorites. We start today with the blog “Let Me Ask You This…” And though she […]

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A Real Southern Man Never Quits: A Confession

It’s Friday. Very few people will read this website today. That’s what our statistics tell us.

I can tell you that there have been 190 posts on this site since we started on April 9. Of those, I’ve written about 165. But why do I do it?

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