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Our Hidden History: A Response to The New Yorker

RSM founder Wayne Franklin responds to the portrayal of this site in a recent column by George Packer of the New Yorker.

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We didn’t secede from the Internet! (Catching up on some Real Southern News)

Now … what have we missed while we’ve been away? Oh, yeah! The world came to an end one Tuesday in November … or was saved from itself …

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Do We Still Deserve the 2nd Amendment?

While we were on hiatus this summer, it seems the whole country, rather than taking time to go to the beach, the mountains, and Disneys both Land and World, went completely and totally insane.

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The Best of RSM: Chasing Down A Killer

“I’m retired. I’m not going to do it.” If not for a heated argument with a contractor for a bingo parlor over the fragile nature of his septic field lines, those could have been John Oldshue’s famous last words. On April 27, the former meteorologist and his friend Ben Greer, a first-time storm chaser, found […]

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A Southern Man’s Look at the Steve Jobs Legacy

The fact is that 99% of the people who posted quotes from Steve Jobs don’t actually live in the manner his words describe. There’s a reason for that: they might fail.

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Texans Under Fire

RSM Nicklaus Louis wrestles with the psychological effects of the recent wildfires near his home in the Austin, Texas area.

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A Real Southern Man Never Quits: A Confession

It’s Friday. Very few people will read this website today. That’s what our statistics tell us.

I can tell you that there have been 190 posts on this site since we started on April 9. Of those, I’ve written about 165. But why do I do it?

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Chasing Down A Killer

They got the first live footage of the Tuscaloosa tornado on April 27. They got the first live footage of its aftermath. Had it not been for an angry septic contractor, they may have been two of its victims.

Wayne Franklin tells the harrowing story of John Oldshue and Ben Greer and their day chasing down a killer.

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