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Southern Snapshots: Tuscaloosa Tornado

Tuscaloosa Tornado, a set on Flickr. Shortly after the Tuscaloosa tornado of April 27, RSM Pat Snow traveled down to check on some of his friends in the area. These are his snapshots of the devastation.

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RSM Profile: Vulcan

He was born of the earth in the foothills of the Appalachians, hardened in the fiery furnaces of industry.

Click “Read More” to learn why we think Vulcan is a Real Southern Man.

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G’ Rides – Castillo de San Marcos

RSM contributor George Heubach loves nothing more than to saddle up his Harley and join his riding crew for tours around the Southeast. You can be sure he’ll always have his trusty camera along to capture the moment. Then we’ll put some of them up here for you all to enjoy. Occasionally, he’ll also bring […]

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Gone: A Photographic Plea for Preservation

It’s impossible to overlook the irony one sees when looking upon the decay and ruin of a once grand Southern mansion, especially for those of us who grew up in the South. I’m at once haunted and irresistibly drawn to these ghostly vestiges — fading shadows of a former grandeur built upon the backs of slave […]

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DeVaughn Home

This home — which is a mere shadow of its former self — is known locally in Montezuma, Ga., as “The House on Literary Hill,” and was built by Capt. J.E. DeVaughn in 1885. I snapped these shots on a recent drive through Central and South Georgia. To read more about Capt. DeVaughn and “The […]

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Montezuma Depot

As part of our mission to bring you as much of the good of Southern culture as possible, we introduce our “Southern Snapshots” series. Some may be artfully composed beauty shots, others may be just quick grabs of interesting sights on the back roads of “God’s country.” Here’s a snapshot of the old train depot […]

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