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Visiting America’s Space Port

“I admit it: I’m a space geek. I’m raising my kids to be space geeks. But I seem to be in a shrinking minority. Over the course of the last forty years, we’ve somehow lost the romance of space flight.”

Wayne Franklin takes us with him on a journey into space geekdom as he visits Florida’s Kennedy Space Center…

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Find Some Space in the Rocket City

To some, north Alabama might seem like the last place you’d find a rocket garden. After all, the sexy aspects of NASA’s work happen in places like Cape Canaveral and Houston’s Johnson Space Center and occasionally Edwards Air Force Base in California. But before the boys at launch control can light the candle, someone has to design it. That’s where Huntsville comes in.

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RSM Profile: Vulcan

He was born of the earth in the foothills of the Appalachians, hardened in the fiery furnaces of industry.

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