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RSM Elvis Week: Revisiting The Real Black Elvis

One year ago today, I posted about RSM Kris Wheeler and me meeting a man who claimed to be “The Real Black Elvis.” in observation of Elvis Week, we think it’s worth revisiting:

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RSM Elvis Week: TMI and The Real Black Elvis

Part 5 of a Real Southern Men Adventure:

It’s time to put the wraps on this long, winding adventure through the town immortalized by Johnny Rivers: Memphis, Tennessee.

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RSM Elvis Week: Super-Fans, Fried Burgers and More Elvi

Part 4 of a Real Southern Men Adventure

Confession: these posts are starting to make me tired. Our weekend in Memphis was exhausting, and reliving them is equally so. Last time, I had just been assaulted with the P-word by a vagrant in TGI Friday’s. Mentally battered, weary, I retreated to my hotel room to fight anew the next day.

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RSM Elvis Week: Chicken George and the P-Word

Part 3 of a Real Southern Men Adventure

Welcome back to our tale of how RSMs Kris Wheeler and Wayne Franklin took Beale Street by storm as we attended Elvis Week.

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RSM Elvis Week: Elvis is Everywhere!

Elvis Week on RSM continues with part two of Wayne and Kris’ adventures in Graceland.

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RSM Elvis Week: Where’s Elvis?

Welcome to the first annual Elvis Week on Real Southern Men! This week, to coincide with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for an Elvis-themed documentary entitled Duke & The King by your faithful publishers (Kris Wheeler and myself), we’ll be bringing you a whole week of stories about The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. […]

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RSM Profile: W.C. Handy

He was born in Florence, Alabama and educated in Huntsville, but his career took him to Memphis. Whatever happened along that journey of what would become Highway 78 changed the world of music forever.

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Elvis is Everywhere!

“If one were trying to create the most negative stereotype imaginable of Elvis fans, they couldn’t have done better than what awaited us at the Cedar.”

Read part two of Wayne and Kris’ adventures in the land of Elvis!

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Where’s Elvis? RSM goes on the road to Elvis Week

RSM publishers Wyane Franklin and Kris Wheeler bring you the first of a series of posts about their exploits in Memhis for Elvis Week 2011.

First up: Where are all the Elvises…es?

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Be a Real Southern Man #9

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is going to get a little messy, if you do it right. There’s no room for windshield tourists or armchair fans today. You’ve got to infiltrate the oily, dirty underbelly of Southern culture (on the skids.)

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