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Voluntary Indignities: My Adventure in Self-Publishing, Part 2

I could mention that the book is currently on sale for only $1.99 at the Kindle Store, but that would compromise my integrity as a blogger. So, I won’t.

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Voluntary Indignities: My Adventure in Self-Publishing, Part 1

In the greater publishing world, self-published authors are regarded as being slightly more respectable than personal injury lawyers but significantly less respectable than your average ex-con.

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Real Southern Rules: Shameless Self-Promotion

We live in an age of self-promotion. And I’m just as bad as anyone about it. Sadly, this situation is just further proof of the fact that I’m no Real Southern Man, because …

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Where Real Southern Men Come From

We’ve written much on here about the goal of defining Southern masculinity and celebrating all the good of the South.

What I have never shared was the original germ of an idea that sparked the whole thing. That’s because, until two days ago, I had honestly forgotten.

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Be a Real Southern Man #14

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is one that we hold especially dear here at RSM. In fact, there wouldn’t be an RSM if it weren’t for this particular Southern tradition.

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