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The Civil War…on your iPad

I have discovered perhaps the coolest iPad app yet: The Civil War Today from History. (You know, the network formerly known as The History Channel that now runs more programs about the present than about history?  Yeah, that one.) Presented as a daily 19th Century newspaper, The Civil War today brings new articles, photos and […]

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Nine Questions with Trent Armstrong, Man of Manners

Twenty years ago, we were a couple of college kids at Alabama, sharing a dream of filmmaking and a geeky fandom of classic Looney Tunes cartoons. Now, he’s an interwebs expert on a topic of import to any Real Southern Man: manners. And me, I’m, well…I’m typing this for the three of you who read […]

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Confessions of a Dixie Dandy

Do you like to dance?  I don’t mean the slow-dancing stuff — anyone can do that. I’m talking enthusiastic footwork here — gyrations, gettin’ down, bustin’ a move and shakin’ that thang. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I danced with an unbridled oomph in my step. And come to think of it, that […]

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