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RSM Elvis Week: Revisiting The Real Black Elvis

One year ago today, I posted about RSM Kris Wheeler and me meeting a man who claimed to be “The Real Black Elvis.” in observation of Elvis Week, we think it’s worth revisiting:

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Festing Nash Vegas: Used Film Salesmen

Day Two of our Nashville Film Festival experience begins with a free bacon buffet in the hotel. Reportedly, there were other breakfast foods present, even on my plate, but I couldn’t get past the words “free bacon.”

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Festing Nash Vegas: Chunky Glasses, Tiny Fedoras and the F-word

For the next week RSMs Wayne Franklin and Kris Wheeler will be blogging their experiences as they take their film to the Nashville Film Festival. Mythologist Joseph Campbell, in his seminal work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, says that the hero of any good story must vanquish forces known as Threshold Guardians who seek […]

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Festing Nash Vegas: A Real Southern Men Adventure

This week, RSM Kris Wheeler and I are taking our documentary feature film, Duke & The King to the Nashville Film Festival. The film will have its world premiere this Sunday night at 9pm. Seeing that it’s a film by Southern men, about a Southern man and playing in a Southern film festival, it’s only […]

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RSM Elvis Week: TMI and The Real Black Elvis

Part 5 of a Real Southern Men Adventure:

It’s time to put the wraps on this long, winding adventure through the town immortalized by Johnny Rivers: Memphis, Tennessee.

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RSM Elvis Week: Super-Fans, Fried Burgers and More Elvi

Part 4 of a Real Southern Men Adventure

Confession: these posts are starting to make me tired. Our weekend in Memphis was exhausting, and reliving them is equally so. Last time, I had just been assaulted with the P-word by a vagrant in TGI Friday’s. Mentally battered, weary, I retreated to my hotel room to fight anew the next day.

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RSM Elvis Week: Chicken George and the P-Word

Part 3 of a Real Southern Men Adventure

Welcome back to our tale of how RSMs Kris Wheeler and Wayne Franklin took Beale Street by storm as we attended Elvis Week.

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Film Review: General Orders No. 9 (updated with trailer)

“There are no satisfactory words, no neat genre labels which can be placed upon this film. General Orders No. 9 marks the birth of something wholly new, yet refreshingly familiar, in cinema.”

Wayne Franklin reviews the new film General Orders No. 9 and its haunting exploration of the changing face of the South.

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Nine Questions with Filmmaker Robert Persons

Wayne Franklin recently had the pleasure of conversing with first-time filmmaker Robert Persons about his wonderfully rich film General Orders No. 9. Appropriately, Wayne asked him nine questions:

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