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Film Review: General Orders No. 9 (updated with trailer)

“There are no satisfactory words, no neat genre labels which can be placed upon this film. General Orders No. 9 marks the birth of something wholly new, yet refreshingly familiar, in cinema.”

Wayne Franklin reviews the new film General Orders No. 9 and its haunting exploration of the changing face of the South.

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Nine Questions with Filmmaker Robert Persons

Wayne Franklin recently had the pleasure of conversing with first-time filmmaker Robert Persons about his wonderfully rich film General Orders No. 9. Appropriately, Wayne asked him nine questions:

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RSM Profile: Wernher von Braun

What marks the legacy of a man? Is it his achievements? His words? Or is it his history, his heritage, his associations? These questions get to the heart of the debate over the legacy of many a Southern man … including German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

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Should African-Americans Attend Civil War Events?

A recent Associated Press story delved into the question of why black citizens are largely avoiding commemorations of the Civil War. Admittedly, the Sesquicentennial is only a few weeks old, but the account they present certainly points to the beginning of a trend. It’s possible that, as events migrate toward Northern battlefields or commemorate events in […]

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