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Henry Flagler: Honorary Southern Man or Yankee Carpetbagger?

If you live outside the state of Florida, you may not even know the name Henry Flagler. If you live anywhere along Florida’s Atlantic coast, however, the name Flagler is unavoidable. There’s Flagler Beach, Flagler College, Flagler County and countless other institutions, both private and public, named for Henry Flagler. But who was he?

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RSM Profile: John Heisman

He was born in Ohio, raised and educated in Pennsylvania and buried in Wisconsin. So why would we want to honor him as a Southern man? Because the years that really defined his legend were spent below the Mason-Dixon, shaping that great Southern religion: college football. His name was John Heisman.

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RSM Profile: Wernher von Braun

What marks the legacy of a man? Is it his achievements? His words? Or is it his history, his heritage, his associations? These questions get to the heart of the debate over the legacy of many a Southern man … including German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

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RSM Profile: William J. Hardee

Today’s RSM Profile is of a lesser-known general from the Civil War, but one of utmost importance. William J. Hardee wrote the book on battle for the Civil War … literally.

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Boy Meets Ship: A Pirate Love Story

In great stories of brave sea captains, his ship is more than merely a means of conveyance. It is his home, office, sanctuary, best friend, confidant and one true love.

This is one such love story…

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RSM Profile: Jean Lafitte

This week has become something of a Pirate Week here on RSM.

We continue our look at the pirating history of the South with a profile of the gentleman “Prince of Pirates,” that charming rogue synonymous with the early history of New Orleans, Jean Lafitte.

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Billy Bowlegs: Truth, Fiction and a Good Story

Captain Jack Sparrow is once again buckling his swash across the world’s cinema screens, this time tangling with a fictional version of the very real Blackbeard. This weekend, locals and tourists in Fort Walton Beach, Florida will don their eyepatches and bandanas, and brandish their cutlasses and muskets in mock battle. The season of pirates be upon us.

But why is the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival named for a pirate whose name wasn’t even Billy Bowlegs? Time to dig for a little historical buried treasure…

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RSM Profile: Alexander McGillivray

His legend led Theodore Roosevelt to describe him as “the most gifted man ever born on Alabama soil.” Born in the Creek village of Little Tallassee near present-day Montgomery, McGillivray was raised in both the Creek culture of his mother and the colonial lifestyle of his father. Though it made him a controversial figure in traditional Creek society, his blending of the power of his mother’s clan with the wealth and privilege of his father’s world made him a consummate politician.

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RSM Profile: Jack Huff

High atop a mountain in the nation’s most visited national park is a lodge no “windshield tourist” will ever see. It’s the only remaining lodging within the park’s borders – a place with no telephones, no televisions, no electricity, no running water and some very sketchy cell service. The place is LeConte Lodge, named for […]

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RSM Profile: Davy Crockett

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Real Southern Men we could profile here. Many of them had more of an impact on history and life in the South and beyond, but only one can boast creating a bona fide pop culture phenomenon more than a century after his death. That one is Davy Crockett.

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