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B. Ivey, Real Southern Dad: Dust a Shelf

Yesterday, we made our case for why F-bombs are for Yankees and laid down some cussing rules in the process. Today, Billy Ivey completely ignores that advice.

“I started trying to hang the shelf at around 3PM. One shelf. One, single utility closet shelf. Six feet long. 16 inches deep.”

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B. Ivey, Real Southern Dad – Attack of the Doughboy

I’m getting fat. Not like obese or disgusting-big. More like “doughy.” A little flabby and plump. I just look lazy, I think. You know, I used to look active, even when I wasn’t. Now? Not so much. Not that a Real Southern Man should worry about such things. I’m 38 years old, and I look […]

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B. Ivey, Real Southern Dad: Bleacher Creature

My daughter plays softball – check that… she’s on a softball team. They are the WildKats. With a “k”. Their colors are maroon and black. Her jersey stretches past her knees and her socks pull to the middle of her thighs. Her shorts reach mid-calf and her batting helmet can only be secured when the […]

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