William Miller


RSM Will Miller has a Coke and a smile in the Sahara.

William was born and raised in Selma, Alabama, but he believes his birthplace is about the only Southern thing about him. Even though the Civil War re-enactments from the Battle of Selma were high on the priority list for typical weekend activities and camouflage was a common diaper theme, it seemed nothing from this culture would provide too heavy of an influence on his life. However, being only a second generation Southerner can bring up the question of how deep the roots really go. Nevertheless, like a good Southern boy, he did put in his four years of varsity football and still enjoys reliving the “good ol’ days” of his brush with glory: nearly winning the State Championship. If only Coach would’ve…


In the summer of 2008, William graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in advertising with a concentration on mass communications and creative writing. After about six months of turning down job offers (or so he claims), William decided the world was a big place. He needed to do his part in exploring it. Spending nearly two-and-a-half years in sixteen different countries on the mission field, William found his calling. One unexpected side-effect: he got in touch with his Southern pride.

William spent the last year developing relationships and job opportunities for locals in the Philippines. Filipinos possess a huge fascination with American culture and know the ins and outs and even the stereotypes rampant in American society. When the local Filipinos first heard William was from the South, they bombarded him with questions like, “Where’s your cowboy hat?” or, “How are you able to speak so fast?” and even, “Have you seen that movie Sweet Home Alabama? Is your home like that? Why is it so funny that his dog’s name is Bear?”

While trying to find the answers as to why he was the antithesis of the stereotypical Southern male, William truly began to appreciate his heritage. He may never see an early morning in a deer stand as time well spent. He may continue to drive his sporty 1997 Ford Contour – as opposed to the new F-750 or whatever beast of a truck Ford is putting out – but William is proud to call Alabama home. Who knows, he may even slip a “y’all” or two into conversation from time to time…for nostalgia’s sake.

One Response to “William Miller”

  1. Oh Will… sounds just like ya. However, I would like to correct the car stats. It’s a VERY sporty 1999 Ford Contour… :0)

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