Kris Wheeler

Co-Publisher Kris Wheeler looking all journalist-y in Morocco

Kris Wheeler, documentary filmmaker/producer/writer/former magazine publisher.


• Seventh Generation Georgian

• Home: Canton, GA

• Raised in a Southern Baptist family under sermons of hellfire and brimstone … and survived 😉

• Grew up in a farm family with a long history of raising cattle.

• Whenever I wasn’t doing the cowboy thing, “playing ball” was my thing.

• Earned a BA in Mass Communications from West Georgia College.

• Came up through the newspaper ranks as a reporter/feature writer.

• Entered the magazine publishing business in 1994.

• Embarked on a second career as a documentary filmmaker in 2005.


MY “PEOPLE” hail from Virginia but left the state in the late 1700s, ultimately settling in the foothills of North Georgia’s Blue Ridge mountains. Both sides of my family have lived in my native Cherokee County since the early 1800s, making me a seventh-generation Georgian.

I GREW UP the eldest in a traditional Southern family with a long history of farming — mainly raising cattle. I spent so much time in barns during my youth I actually enjoy the ‘odor’ of cow manure. Don’t laugh; I’m serious. On days when I wasn’t herded into church or in a pasture chasing ornery cows, you would likely find me on a “ball field” somewhere swinging a bat, dribbling or dodging tacklers.

I GRADUATED from West Georgia College in 1985 with a BA in Mass Communications.

MY CAREER has changed with every stage of life. The early years were spent within the newspaper ranks as a reporter and feature writer. I covered the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, later serving as managing editor for an Australian-based magazine publisher. By 1994 I was eager to do my own thing and decided to pursue other publishing endeavors, ultimately founding and publishing the magazines Agri-Alternatives, Atlanta House & Home, Cattle South and Coastal Homes & Lifestyles. In 2005, I embarked on a second career as a documentary filmmaker, and by 2008 committed to working full time as a filmmaker/producer.

POLITICAL VIEWS … often confused independent thinker.

FAVORITE FOODS are sushi and cornbread (not necessarily together)

MY PASSIONS are filmmaking, history, mountain biking and mysteries of the cosmos.


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