Jerrod Brown

Jerrod attempting to look pompously introspective...and failing.

Jerrod Brown is an initiator, a mobilizer, a mentor, and a minister.  He was born in Tuscaloosa and grew up in rural Northport, Alabama.  Jerrod has a history among some good people – people of the land, acquainted with poverty and hard work. His history weaves its way from western Europe to the farmlands of the Carolinas, Virginia and Alabama. His Alabama roots dive deep into the soil centered around the Sipsey River in Tuscaloosa and Pickens Counties.  His ancestors dot the landscape in numerous abandoned graveyards and church cemeteries, reminding him that he has never gotten that far from home.

Jerrod spent his childhood barefoot when possible and, when forced otherwise, wore shoes for the sports of his choice.  Jerrod reached his athletic peak in the fall of 1983 when he started at right guard for the Co-County Champ Riverside Junior High School football team. (He once successfully blocked future Alabama DE Steve Webb. If you know who Webb is, you should now be impressed.)  Alas, Jerrod’s dreams of playing for Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant died shortly after the legendary man himself – though Jerrod had only his genetic code to blame.

Jerrod did fulfill the student half of his dream of being a student-athlete, attending the University of Alabama and earning a BA in Speech Communication in 1991. A Master’s Degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary followed in 1995. Jerrod has put down roots in Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee in his adult years and now calls Mobile, Alabama home.

In 2005 he married the former Shalon Bush, a native of Birmingham, Alabama. They have two children: 3-year-old Maddie Leigh and 1-year-old Samuel Porter.  They have names picked out for seven more.

Jerrod loves family history, food and food history, theology, reading, travel, football in all its forms, and paddling southern waterways.  His favorite smells are smoking meats, freshly cut football fields, cool river water, and old books. He loves the names of Southern rivers (Sucarnochee, Sipsey, Luxapallilla, Cahaba, Apalachee, Tensaw, Tombigbee).  His wife would like to name a daughter Sipsey Tensaw.  He is warming to the possibility.

Jerrod considers himself an expert in convincing his children to take their baths, following road maps, building useful things out of used lumber, growing and pruning crepe myrtle trees, smoking meats in his homemade Terra Cotta smoker, and finding hole-in–the-wall places to eat excellent food.

Jerrod spends his days trying his best to love others and to communicate to others what he has experienced as a follower of Jesus Christ.  He spends most of his time around college students—investing in their lives something eternal, meaningful and life-changing and helping them to live as followers of Jesus Christ.  He hopes he can have some small role in convincing them they change the world in which they live.  He listens. He dialogues. He reads. He studies. He teaches. He writes. He communicates to others about ultimate things.

You can follow Jerrod on Twitter or follow his food journeys on Facebook at “Big Poppa’s Big Flavor.”

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