Adam Caperton

My passion for food, wine, travel and music began growing up in the coal town of Slab Fork, West Virginia. People not from the South assume West Virginia’s not in the South. People from the South know better.

Julia Child and PBS, through antennae, taught my mother (and was my first exposure) how to cook for an eventual family of five kids.  My dad’s evening into late night appreciation of Old Forester bourbon led me to ponder other libations beyond the town limits. Rides on the locomotives from the tipple to the main spur convinced me there was a world far away from the dust and the mines. Mamaw, who played piano in church, defiantly wailed heretically from the hymnal, eyes closed with shifting transposed chords and sly rhythm; think Onward Christian Soldiers as envisioned by McCoy Tyner. The congregation did not mind and the music sank deep into my brain while I fidgeted.

I taught myself drums, attended VA Tech and played music professionally in a band called Not Shakespeare for12 years. A few albums – produced by Mitch Easter at Drive-In Studios – produced countless gigs and approximately 83 flat tires across the South, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, playing in every college and dive bar imaginable… Ticket stub of us opening for REM in 1983, cover charge $2? Check it; southern street cred, I hope. On the Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame scale, we achieved about two and a half minutes.

In 1999, I met my wife Stephanie who works with Alton Brown of the Food Network. She convinced me to focus my passions towards food and wine. We married and I relocated to Atlanta where I was a chef at Bacchanalia, the 2003 James Beard Award winner for Best Restaurant SE.

In 2003, we moved to Seagrove Beach, Florida to open The Larder; the Panhandles premier wine bar focusing on indigenous Gulf Coast ingredients… In 2009 we returned to Richmond where I now manage the Southeastern VA territory for JW Sieg Fine Wines.

As a writer and observer, I am always on the hunt for unique and original experiences in the world of food, wine, travel and music.

As a Southerner, I think about the possibility of living life somewhere else but it just doesn’t seem to make sense…

5 Responses to “Adam Caperton”

  1. Awesome! … a perfect addition — in every respect — to RSM.

  2. ltns glad to see you are doing well, im ok

    Dr Pockets

  3. look like a twink

  4. Adam – My wife and I were just thinking about you and the fabulous recipe you gave us for preparing a standing prime rib when you were at Bacchanalia. We liked it so much that we affectionately named it “Adam’s Rib”. Sadly we lost it. Hope you are enjoying Richmond. I grew up in Norfolk and went to college in Lexington. Spent some good time in Richmond. We wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year.


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