Real Southern Rules: Shameless Self-Promotion

We live in an age of self-promotion. Everyone seems to have Twitter and Facebook accounts to talk about themselves. You hear discussion of something called “personal brands” … and we don’t mean tattoos. People tweet to promotes their blogs. They blog to promote their interests or business. Then they share the posts they themselves wrote about their own interests on Facebook as if they were real news.

And I’m just as bad as anyone about all of the above. Sadly, this situation is just further proof of the fact that I’m no Real Southern Man, because …

Real Southern Men don’t engage in shameless self-promotion … but I do.

Rather than being a hypocrite and extolling the virtues of modesty and humility, I’m just going to get to the point: I wrote a book, and I want you all to buy it when it is released next March. The book is titled Midlife Mouse, and you can read more about it here.

The book, however, deserves a spot here on Real Southern Men. In fact, if not for the writing of Midlife Mouse, this blog might not even exist. Here’s an excerpt from the book to prove the point:

“Yes, ma’am,” Bill replied politely.  She may have been crazy, but that was no call to be rude.  He was still a Southern man, after all.  Besides, he suspected she could illuminate some of the mysteries surrounding the Nine.  “I’d love to talk.”  He shifted the bus into gear and slowly pulled away.

In writing that particular passage – and in creating my cast of Southern characters and their fictional hometown on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, Decent Chance, Alabama – I started to wonder: what is a real Southern man, anyhow?

That was it. That was the moment all these thoughts that had been swimming around in my head about Southern life, food, traditions and language became something more. Nine months later, RSM was born.

So I hope you’ll forgive my shameless self-promotion. And I also hope you join me in following an eccentric cast of characters through “a magical Southern fantasy.”

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