RSMU – Week 3 Picks

To say none of us were perfect in last week’s picks would be an understatement. Who could have foreseen the complete meltdown in the Ozarks that left the Razorbacks on the losing end of a 34-31 tilt with Louisiana Monroe?

And who would’ve guessed that, less than 20 months removed from their national championship, Auburn would be at 0-2 and facing the spectre of a 1-4 start? That is, assuming they can get past the La. Monroe Giant Killers– er, Warhawks.

The mental giants here at RSM have figgered and pondered, ciphered and reckoned. They’ve even carried their naughts. Here are this week’s picks:

This week’s games:

Wake Forest at Florida State
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh
Louisiana Monroe at Auburn
Alabama at Arkansas
North Carolina at Louisville
Virginia at Georgia Tech
Texas A&M at SMU
East Carolina at Southern Miss
Florida at Tennessee
South Alabama at North Carolina State
Western Kentucky at Kentucky
Texas at Ole Miss
Sam Houston State at Baylor

And now the picks:

Jerrod Brown

Eschewing his usual winners-only approach, JB brings us his inimitable commentary this week:

Wake Forest at Florida State
FSU wins this one big or they lose… They always lose that one game each year that they shouldn’t…

Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh might have a chance if they were the Steelers, otherwise, VT runs away with this one.

Louisiana Monroe at Auburn
I’m picking Auburn… again. If they let ULM win it this week, I’ll never pick them again. I detest AU, so why I pick them in the first place I’ll never know…

Alabama at Arkansas
Bama will win this one with a lackluster performance, all of us Bama fans will complain, and we will be one step closer to another National Championship.

North Carolina at Louisville
I lived in Louisville for a while. I love a good Hot Brown Sandwich ( I’ve eaten breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. Look for a good showing from the Cards.

Virginia at Georgia Tech
Gotta love the triple option… Georgia Tech over UVA…

Texas A&M at SMU
A&M wins this one, but expect SMU QB Garrett Gilbert to have a good showing…

East Carolina at Southern Miss
I know some USM people who are going to this game and I also know what SMTTT… Going with USM in this one, although it will be close ( by the way, it means “Southern Miss To The Top”)

Florida at Tennessee
Knoxville is a great place to watch college football. Today it’s the Hunter’s Orange vs. the Jorts… I’m going with Tyler Bray and the Vols at home.

South Alabama at North Carolina State
I want to pick my Jags, but they are just not up to the level of bigger conference teams yet. If the Jags play an error free game and make a few big plays, they’ve got a chance. In the end, depth with be an issue. NCSU by 10.

Western Kentucky at Kentucky
This isn’t basketball. WKU played and excellent game against Bama last week in a game that was much closer than the score indicates. WKU in an upset (if UK losing in football can ever be consider an upset).

Texas at Ole Miss
Poor Ole Miss, at least Oxford is a nice place to visit– visit the local book store, read some Faulkner, grab a bite to eat at Bottletree Bakery… and skip out of the game early. Texas with an easy win.

Sam Houston State at Baylor
Baylor wins this one… Did you know that Sam Houston served as Governor of both Texas and Tennessee and President of the Republic of Texas. That’s really all SHSU has going for it in this game.

Pat works on his signature line of paint-by-numbers sets.

Pat Snow
Our outsider-artist-in-residence and recalcitrant Bama fan, Pat Snow, adds his brushstrokes to the mix.

Wake at FSU: FSU by the end of the 1st drive.

Va Tech at Pitt: VA Tech will have won the game by halftime.

La Monroe at Auburn: I smell blood in the water, but Auburn should pull it out.

Alabama at Arkansas: Alabama by 14

UNC at Louisville: UNC will pull away with it in the 4th.

UVA at Ga Tech: TECH for the win.

Texas A&M at SMU: A&M should not have to worry about the 2nd half let down … A&M by 20.


E Carolina at Southern Miss: (not pictured)
Florida at Tennessee: Tennessee in the slight upset.


So. Alabama at NC State: NC state should win … but USA should play them tough for the 1st 30 minutes.

W. Kentucky at Kentucky: Kentucky, maybe?

Texas at Ole Miss: Texas by 14 points.

Sam Houston State at Baylor: Baylor wins.











Nicklaus Louis
Ignore the picks. enjoy the commentary.

Wake 14
FSU 45

My advice to Wake in this game is “Run Forest, Run!” Try to keep the ball out of the Noles’ hands.

Va Tech 32
Pitt 10

Brad Pitt is good, but he can’t beat an entire football team by himself.

La Monroe 21
Auburn 24

I think the Warhawks will be looking past Auburn to Baylor. Go ahead and laugh. At least we didn’t have to buy our Heisman winner.

Alabama 30
Arkansas 25

Arkansas isn’t as bad as they looked last week. Alabama looks ugly in a good way.

UNC 85
Louisville 82

I still can’t believe these elite basketball match-ups are taking place so early this year.

UVA 14
Ga Tech 28

I don’t mean to be cavalier about yellow jackets, but The Masters… OK. I seriously can’t think of anything humorous to say about this game that isn’t groan inducing.

Texas A&M 35
SMU 21

I want to pick the Ags to lose, but SMU has a terrible defense. Of course, I’m basing that on how SMU loooked against Baylor 2 weeks ago, and our offense can make a lot of defenses look terrible. Can’t tell you how much I want to be wrong on this one.

E Carolina 21
Southern Miss 31

Just want to say it again…I really, really want to be wrong about that SMU, ATM game…the Ags need to lose.

Florida 14
Tennessee 21

Remember when this would have been a marquee match up? Kinda sad it isn’t anymore.

So. Alabama 28
NC State 40

I think this one’ll be closer than most people think. I think, therefore I am right.

W. Kentucky 21
Kentucky 31

The Wildcats will most likely win.

But here’s another possible scenario:

During a pregame meelee, a Kentucky player will accidentally scratch the “W” off of a Western Kentucky player’s helmet. The two will realize that they are both Kentuckininians and embrace as brothers. They will then spread peace to the rest of the players, coaches, and fans. The day will come to an end with everyone sitting on a hill covered in blue grass while eating fried chicken and drinking barrels upon barrels of Jim Beam whiskey. Sunday morning, Tennessee will be in flames.

Texas 16
Ole Miss 28

While it kills me to pick a team that STILL insists on the translated name of “Hello Miss”(seriously people…it should be “Ol’ Miss”!!!), I really believe that Texas is a paper tiger that will get crumpled up and tossed out of the Top 25 this week.

Baylor 65

I would predict Baylor to score more points, but HC Art Briles seems insistant on being a “good sport” once he’s leading by 5 touchdowns or so.

It should be noted that RSM tried not to include Baylor this week. Seriously, we have the same number of Heisman trophies in our case as Alabama! You can’t ignore us! If you try, we’ll put on our highlighter uniforms again!

RSM Wayne Franklin as the world’s lamest pirate

Wayne Franklin
After a disastrous week of blatantly copying Jerrod’s picks, Wayne is back to relying on his own shoddy research, limited knowledge and poor judgment … God bless him.

Wake Forest at Florida State: Wake has a legitimate shot … of getting back on the bus with most of their players alive. FSU 48 – Wake 16

Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh: Va Tech is in the South. Pitt is decidedly not. (Though, I am tempted to give points to Pitt for having the brother of a Bama D-back and son of the UT defensive coordinator at QB.) Twanglish wins! Hokies 35 – Panthers 21


Louisiana Monroe at Auburn: Last week, I picked Auburn. And they lost. So I’m picking them again. Auburn 21-ULM 20.

Alabama at Arkansas: The focus this week has been on the question of whether Hog QB Tyler Wilson will be healthy (he isn’t) instead of where it should be, on the question of whether Arky’s defense can stop AJ McCarron and company (they can’t). Arkansas hangs tight early, but Bama runs away with it in the second half. Tide 38 – Hogs 9.

North Carolina at Louisville: If only this were a basketball game… Louisville 27 – UNC 7.

Virginia at Georgia Tech: Can’t be Cavalier with the Ramblin’ Wreck. It’ll be a contest, but the spread option wins. GT 28 – UVA 21.

Texas A&M at SMU: Last week, A&M pulled, well … an A&M and blew a lead in the 4th quarter against the Gators. Barring a meltdown of Arkansas caliber, the Aggies win easy. Aggies 42 – SMU 10.

East Carolina at Southern Miss: The Pirates took a beating at the hands of The Ol’ Ball Coach last week. This week will be more evenly matched, but they still lose. USM 27 – ECU 24.

Florida at Tennessee: Despite what my esteemed colleague above might say, this game matters again. Both Florida and UT look to be rebounding from several years of mediocrity and hope to challenge the Gamecocks and Bulldogs in the SEC East. With the sudden collapse of Arkansas and Auburn, the East looks to be the more interesting race this year. It started last week with Georgia and Mizzou. It continues today. With the loss of a few weapons on D, Florida may have a hard time putting pressure on Tyler Bray. If it’s a fast-paced, pass-happy game, UT wins easy. I think it will be. Vols 38 – Gators 21.

South Alabama at North Carolina State: I’m picking to upset, just because I’d love to see my hometown Jags make some noise on the national scene. Jags 22 – Wolfpack 19.

Western Kentucky at Kentucky: Kentucky (the state) is known for three things: basketball, whiskey and horse racing. Kentucky (the school) is known for only one of those. After giving Bama a fight in a 35-0 loss last week, the Hilltoppers will be out for blood. WKU 17 – UK 13.

Texas at Ole Miss: Sorry, Nicklaus. They’re still Ole Miss. UT 31 – UM 21.
Sam Houston State at Baylor: I don’t know Sam Houston’s mascot. I’ll call them the Sammies. The Sammies finished second in Division 1-AA (I refuse to use the new names) last year and look to be a power in their division again this year … in their division. Bears 63 – Sammies 28.












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