RSMU – Week 2 Picks

Our first week of football picks saw mixed results … unless your name is Jerrod Brown. Jerrod was unblemished in his picks last week. Can he keep it up again this week? Let’s see …
This week’s games:
Auburn at Mississippi State
Eastern Carolina at South Carolina
North Carolina at Wake Forest
Florida at Texas A&M
Washington at LSU
Georgia at Missouri
Vanderbilt at Northwestern
Memphis at Arkansas State
Penn State at Virginia
Ball State at Clemson
Western Kentucky at Bama
UTEP at Ole Miss
And now the picks:
Sticking with last week’s method, Jerrod is choosing to pick only winners. As he explained, “Winning speaks for itself. No commentary necessary.” Yeah, whatever …
Jerrod Brown
So Car
Ark St
Penn St
Ole Miss

Pat works on his signature line of paint-by-numbers sets.

Pat Snow
Our outsider-artist-in-residence and recalcitrant Bama fan, Pat Snow, joins the fray this week.
MSU- winner, because I hate Auburn year-round.
South Carolina – winner, because their QB is a gamer.
North Carolina is the winner, because you have to hit the books before you can practice at Wake.
Texas A&M will be winners, because that game last week against Bowling Green was awful.
LSU is winning, because the Huskies are still hurting from that rose bowl in 1923.
UGA will win, but Mizzou will give them a run for a half.
VANDY will win, because they have a new fire in their belly.
Arkansas State will win. I just think Memphis has forgotten how to win.
UVA wil win, because Penn State just doesn’t have the depth to finish a game.
Clemson will win and wil be playing third string players by the end of the 3rd quarter.
Bama will win, and they will be working the secondary on defense.
Utep wil win. Ole Miss is that bad
Nicklaus Louis
Ignore the picks. enjoy the commentary.
AU 15

MSU 10I was in East Lansing for the Protect America Cares Pay it Forward challenge (shameless plug) this week, and I happened to catch a glimpse of the Spartans on the practice field … wait, MSU stands for Mississippi State University … wait, there’s higher learning in Mississippi?ECU 14
So Car 35

Even though I LOL every time hear “ECU’ cause it sounds like “I see you.”, I’m gonna pick that dirty sounding team again.

UNC 40
Wake 28

I’m afraid of demons. I don’t care if they’re deacons are not. I don’t want them to win!

UF 35
A&M 28

No way the football gods let those ignorant, billboard renting fools from College Station win an SEC game this season.

Wash 31
LSU 42

My beloved Baylor Bears played Washington in last year’s Unlimited Offense Bowl. The Huskies can score.

UGA 31
Missouri 20

While I don’t hold as much animosity towards Mizzou as I do towards A&M, they’re still dead to me and I will be praying

Vandy 35
Northwestern 20

I’m basing this prediction on nothing in particular.

Memphis 31
Ark St 30

This is my upset of the week. I was listening to an Elvis tune when I opened Wayne’s message and saw Memphis in this week’s picks.

Penn St ?

Thinking about Penn State depresses me. Do we really have to pick this one? I’m calling an audible.

Ball St 20
Clemson 38

I’m gonna resist the urge to make a joke about a state inhabited by balls.

Bama 42

This is the score by the end of the 1st quarter, btw.

Ole Miss 28

Miners kick a late FG to pull off the upset. El Paso will go crazy. During the riots, the border will break open. Drug lords will overtake the U.S. We will all die. Soccer will take the place of football. Thanks a lot Ole Miss!

Baylor 100
Off 0

I resent the fact that RSM doesn’t feel like Baylor should be included because their oponent this week is “Off”. If there is anything we do well at Baylor, it is beat Off!

RSM Wayne Franklin as the world’s lamest pirate

Wayne Franklin
… did not have time to write commentary, so he’s taking the Jerrod Brown approach and listing only winners. And he’s stealing his picks from Jerrod. So sue him.
South Carolina
North Carolina
Arkansas St.
Penn State
Ole Miss

2 Responses to “RSMU – Week 2 Picks”

  1. OK Bama fan, move over and make room. AU is going to win this weekend, anywho. Agreed about Wake’s folks hittin’ the books–hysterical!
    …NC people call ECU “Easy U.”

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