RSMU – Week 1 Picks

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So far, Southern teams have been the highlights of this initial weekend of the 2012 college football season. On Thursday night, South Carolina, behind a late-game surge by Marcus Lattimore and with a wounded warrior behind center, fought off an upset-minded Vandy team, Okay, one Southern team won, one lost — such is life in the SEC.

Last night, Tennessee attempted a return to glory by man-handling North Carolina State in the Georgia Dome.

Those were the appetizers. Now it’s time for the main course. Some of our contributors weighed in on the weekend’s games.

This week’s games:


Troy @ UAB
Clemson vs. Auburn
Central Arkansas @ Ole Miss
Florida Int’l at Duke
Michigan vs. Alabama
App. State vs. East Carolina
Marshall @ WVU
Wyoming @ Texas


Kentucky @ Louisville
SMU @ Baylor


Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech

Now for the picks. Beware: homerism abounds.

Nicklaus Louis:

Troy 21 – UAB 24

UAB is at home, and their unis are green and gold…which just happen to be two of my favorite colors!

Clemson 15 – Auburn 13
This one’s a toss-up for me, but I am pretty sure the Tigers will beat the Tigers.

C Ark 10 – Ole Miss 35
Despite the Rebels insisting on everyone saying “Hello” in Spanish when talking about their university, they are in much better command of the English language than anyone centrally located in Arkansas.

FIU 28  – Duke 14
I will never, ever predict a team to win if their fans call themselves “Dookies”.

Mich 14 – Bama 20
The location of this game is like a six degrees of stupid-but-true facts: an SEC (a conference that recently added a Texas school) team from Alabama faces a Big 10 (a conference that has 12 teams) school from Michigan in Texas (which is thought to be Big 12 [a conference that has 10 teams] country) in a stadium built by a megalomaniac who went to Arkansas (an SEC school that used to be in a conference with a bunch of Texas teams that are now in the Big 12 [and one that recently joined the SEC]).

App St 10 – E Car 45
I was tempted to make this my upset pick of the week, but then I went the other way because I decided to use a very scientific prediction system.

Marshall 20 – WVU 45
As a Big 12 fan, I’m gonna say that we traded up and that Marshall would handily beat Texas A&M. Who was mercifully spared of an upset by Mother Nature.

Wyoming 24 – Texas 21
Wyoming kicks a late FG to upset the overhyped Horns as Mack Brown’s search to replace Colt McCoy turns to Ash-es. Football Pun!

Kentucky 75 – L’ville 69
This is a basketball game, right?

SMU 21 – Baylor 55
Nick Florence begins his quest to make people ask, “RGWho?”

G Tech 40 – V Tech 39
Technically, I think the Yellow Jackets win on a technicality.

Jerrod meditates on his lost football dreams.


Jerrod Brown:

Rarely a man of few words, JB decided to play the strong and silent RSM with this week’s picks, simply picking winners. Behold the results of towering intellect:


Ole Miss
East Carolina




Virginia Tech



Wayne Franklin


Troy 17 – UAB 31

Larry Blakeney is going to wish he had kept it down home, cuz, because UAB is riding a wave of excitement with the arrival of new head coach Garrick McGee.

Clemson 28 – Auburn 24

With deference to the late, great Lewis Grizzard, Clemson will edge its evil twin Auburn by a lake.

Central Arkansas 27 –  Ole Miss 17

But Ole Miss is still undefeated in tailgating.

Florida Int’l 42 – Duke 45

The real question in this game is whether either team will punt.

Michigan 13 – Alabama 28

During the summer, Michigan debuted special new uniforms that they will wear for this game in Jerry World. A friend astutely asked, “Why do they look like they’re wearing Depends?”

My answer: “Because they found out Jesse Williams didn’t graduate.” Roll Tide.

App. State 35 – East Carolina 34

Because Nicklaus Louis didn’t have the co-jones to pick the upset.

Marshall 16 – WVU 45

Let the couch burning begin!

Wyoming 10 –  Texas 28

Despite my Baylor-loving friend’s insistence, Wyoming just doesn’t have what it takes to hang with even a mediocre Texas team.

Although Wyoming are Cowboys, and Texas are cows… Can I change my score based on such spurious logic? Nah!


Kentucky 28 – Louisville 30

It’ll be a horse race. Get it?

SMU 6 – Baylor 38

No RGIII? No problem. Baylor’s going to build on last year’s confidence to set the tone for another solid season. (Nicklaus, you owe me $20.)


Georgia Tech 27 – Virginia Tech 35

It may sound Hokie, but Beamer Ball trumps the triple option.


2 Responses to “RSMU – Week 1 Picks”

  1. The 10th ranked Arkansas Razorbacks are playing the Jacksonville State Gamecocks today. Might want to include that one.

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