Football’s back … and so are we!

Tonight, after a long off-season filled with pain, suffering, lamentations and probably a fair amount of binge drinking to console the sorrows that come with the loss of our favorite sport for eight months, college football makes its return.

For the next four-plus months, half of us will deal with the pain, suffering and lamentations of defeat, while the other half will bask in the joy, delight and praises of victory.  (There will likely be plenty of binge drinking on both sides.) But there’s always next week.

This season, we here at RSM will bring you a dozen or so picks of key Southern games each week – along with our patented brand of tongue-in-cheek irreverence. We’ll bring you the full list of this week’s picks tomorrow, but for now, here’s a look at what we’re thinking about tonight’s matchup between Vandy and South Carolina:


Nicklaus Louis:

South Carolina 31 – Vanderbilt 30
“I really don’t know enough to make an educated guess. So, I’m going with the dirtier sounding mascot.”



Jerrod meditates on his lost football dreams.


Jerrod Brown:

South Carolina 34 – Vanderbilt 17






Marc Stricklin:

Vanderbilt 21 – South Carolina 17





Wayne Franklin

Vanderbilt 24 – South Carolina 20

“The popular knock on Vandy is that they don’t have the depth of quality athletes to compete with the elite of the SEC. But I’m not convinced that South Carolina is all that elite. If the smart guys at Vandy can engineer a solution to slow down Clowney and bottle up Lattimore early, James Franklin has these guys convinced and prepared to go the distance.”

Plus, the Vanderbilt family is really rich, and we need some financial support here at RSM.

What’s your pick?

2 Responses to “Football’s back … and so are we!”

  1. Like your blog – and even though I don’t have a dog in this fight, I also like your football predictions!

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