Real Southern Rule: Do it Right (RSM Goes on Hiatus)

My mother told me this particular Real Southern Rule I don’t know how many times when I was a kid. It would typically be when I was complaining about the amount of time it was taking me to finish a school project or help her weed the garden or when I had to re-wash the car, because I had done such a poor job the first time out. (Why is it that kids can’t seem to understand that running the rag down a small swath of the car door doesn’t clean the entire door? I blame lazy cartoon animators.)

It’s a simple rule, but one that we sometimes find difficult to follow:

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Sometimes we don’t follow it because we’ve fallen pray to the temptation to place leisure over excellence. But other times, it’s just the opposite. In those times, we find ourselves spread too thin, doing too much and never having the wisdom and courage to say “no.” That is when our endeavors really suffer.

And it’s with that in mind that I am putting RSM on hiatus for a couple of months. I am very busy with work right now – for a self-unemployed filmmaker, that is never a bad thing – and I have the distinct displeasure of moving my family of four, my mother-in-law and my business within the next month. Top all that off with some revisions to Kris Wheeler’s and my documentary, Duke & The King, and there’s simply no time to do RSM right now … at least no time to do it right.

In the intervening months, I’ll working on re-blogging some older posts in order to keep the front page fresh and keep material coming to your RSS Β and Twitter feeds.

Take this chance to share RSM with your friends and family. If you like what we do here, tell someone. As we plan to bigger and better things here on the site, much of that will depend on our ability to grow our readership. Want to see more video content, hear from more (and more varied) guest contributors and see more of the type of content you’ve come to love on the site? Then help us out by spreading the word!

And there are some rumblings about a potential RSM Handbook, too. More on that later…

Until then, as this sign I spotted in Dawson, Georgia says, “See y’all in September!”

One Response to “Real Southern Rule: Do it Right (RSM Goes on Hiatus)”

  1. By all means, take time for all things, necessary and unnecessary . And have a good time too. But remember to come back -so see you in September! Kathleen

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