DIY BBQ Tips for More Grill Independence

RSM Jerrod Brown’s homemade flower pot smoker

Self-reliance has always been a hallmark of the Real Southern Man. Earlier today, we brought you RSM David Reber’s how-to for making your own mini smoker. Now we’re going to bring you something to cook.

Over the last few hours, RSM Jerrod Brown has been posting to his Twitter feed a collection of ideas and inspiration for BBQ’ing. These start with suggestions on making your own rubs and sauces. Since some of you may not be on Twitter, we decided to compile his tips for you right here.

If you are on Twitter, you can always follow Jerrod, where he goes by @JerrodWBrown.


#BBQTips from @JerrodWBrown

  • Dear world– please DO NOT ruin your beautiful BBQ’d Meat by using store purchased BBQ Sauce. Make your own! #BBQtips
  • By making your own rubs & sauces YOU are able to control flavors, additives & sugar content. Homemade can be healthy. #BBQtips
  • By making your own rubs & sauces YOU are able to develop your own signature flavors– that makes cooking more fun. #BBQtips
  • When making your own rubs & sauces focus on a dominant flavor profile & add complimentary flavors. Branch out to new/exotic flavors #BBQtips
  • Spices I like to incorporate into rubs: paprika, cayenne, garlic & onion powder, fresh ground coriander, baobab, Mexican oregano#BBQtips
  • If you like the taste of vinegar, utilize that as the base of your BBQ sauce. You can the add spicy, sweet or fruity elements #BBQtips
  • Little used international spices that will make for interesting BBQ rubs: turmeric, curry powder, garam masala, cinnamon, cardamom#BBQtips
  • For an international twist on your BBQ, try a wet paste or marinade like Harissa, chimichurri or chermoula #BBQtips
  • Experiment with regional BBQ specialties– North Carolina vinegar sauce, north Alabama white sauce or Memphis dry rub #BBQtips
  • Kick up your BBQ by trying various meats: goat, mutton, lamb & venison (in addition to chicken, pork & beef) are all great choices#BBQtips
  • Incorporate local produce into your sauces-fruits are great additions to your sauce. Peppers, onions & tomatoes are a great base.#BBQtips

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