Welcome, Alabama Alumni!

Holiday Inn

Bring back the sign! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That headline makes us feel a bit like the manager of a Holiday Inn in some far-flung Southern destination like Opp, Dunedin or Natchitoches welcoming the Shriners to town. And writing that sentence makes us miss the classic Holiday Inn sign. But we digress…

This month, we were honored to be featured in the Alabama Alumni Magazine in a piece showcasing alumni bloggers — not bloggers who blog about alumni issues, but alumni who happen to blog about … well, anything really. (Our founder, Wayne Franklin, is a proud alumnus of the class of 1991.)

Feel free to click around and check out some of our more popular features like Twanglish Lessons, Real Southern Rules, RSM Profiles or some of our feature articles. There’s plenty of content to keep newcomers busy for a while.

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Enjoy and Roll Tide!

2 Responses to “Welcome, Alabama Alumni!”

  1. Wonderful to be recognized and hope many more readers find this great blog! K

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