Twanglish Lesson: Flawda

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is also a bit of a Real Southern Geography lesson. It’s about a place where a weird sort of cultural inversion occurs – the only place in the world where going further south means you encounter more northerners.

Flawdaproper noun. 1.a phallic shaped state that dangles from the southeastern United States, populated from Tallahassee southward primarily by people of northern descent

By God, them Yankees down in Flawda is kindly tetch’d in the head.

Flawda is a strange place. For those of us who never venture beyond the beaches of South Walton, it can seem like an idyllic Southern playground. But once you get down into the peninsula, it becomes a strange, foreign wonderland.

The people there talk funny, and not just the ones dressed up as pirates at Disney World.  And they don’t act right, either. They’re rude and some of them seem to be a bit tetch’d in the head. It seems that whenever a crazy headline appears in the news, it happened in Flawda, and it was some displaced Yankee who committed the act.

We think it might be the heat and humidity that sets them off, but that’s a story for another day…


  1. Heat Makes Yankees Crazy (or Why the Zombie Apocalypse is Starting in Florida) | Real Southern Men - June 1, 2012

    […] Flagler opened up “Flawda” to tourism, he created an unintended consequence. Call it a kind of reverse Darwinism, if […]

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