Festing Nash Vegas: A Real Southern Men Adventure

This week, RSM Kris Wheeler and I are taking our documentary feature film, Duke & The King to the Nashville Film Festival. The film will have its world premiere this Sunday night at 9pm. Seeing that it’s a film by Southern men, about a Southern man and playing in a Southern film festival, it’s only natural that I would blog about our experiences.

The fun thing about film fests is that, while everyone fits the rather loose mold of being “creative types,” there really is a cross-section of folks from all over the country and the world. What better opportunity to spread the gospel of Southerness? Maybe I’ll even teach a little Twanglish to Famke Janssen or Nicole Kidman, both of whom will be in attendance.

Watch for regular updates this week as we get our fest on. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the film:

9 Responses to “Festing Nash Vegas: A Real Southern Men Adventure”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your trailer here. Congratulations on completing your creative project and showing at the Nashville Film Festival.

  2. Yeah! I love your travel posts.

  3. I watched the trailer after I commented – Damn! Man can sing.

    • Duke is the man! Can’t wait to share his talent with the world.

      • Also, the trailer was great; it made me want to see the movie, for sure. Honestly, very well done. It popped up again in my head as I was driving home after work. (I couldn’t help but perk up at the Elvis impersonator parts – having read your posts about that trip, it almost felt like I had been there, like that was “my” part of the movie or something.) And good golly is there a voice on that man – powerful, even as he backed off the mike. I would buy his records. How will a regular folk like me get to see your movie?

      • Thanks so much. We hope to take it around the country on the festival circuit while we try to put together a commercial distribution deal.


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