It’s the Final Four of Southern Sweets!

Your friendly Token Female Guest Contributor, here. I’m Deborah Krauss, and I’m helping out with the Showdown this week. (Disclaimer: all views are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the non-TFGC Real Southern Men. Especially if they voted for Lemon Squares, Peach Cobbler or Nanner Puddin’.)

When Southern Sweets go head to head, there are bound to be disappointments – the feeling that your chosen sweet was robbed, ROBBED I TELL YOU. That certain <coughcough LEMON SQUARES> have no business in going to the Big Dance. But the populace has voted, and the results have been tallied. Probably by someone who can’t count.

Yes, I voted for three losers. But you can bet I’ll be voting on the Final Four: Sweet Tea vs. Peach Cobbler, and Lemon Squares vs. Nanner Puddin’. Make sure you vote too, cause Sweets is gettin’ real.

Hand-Held Treats Regional Champion (SERIOUSLY?)

In the regional championship of sweets made for stuffing your mitts before stuffing your face, it was #6 Lemon Squares with 62.5% over #8 Goo Goo Clusters’ rather disappointing 37.5%

Miscellany Regional Champion

Proof that there is, after all, some justice in this world, #1 Sweet Tea pummeled the outclassed #6 Syrup by a margin of 100% to 0% in the Miscellany Regional Championship.

Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings Regional Champion (Seriously, again?)

There’s no explaining this. Perhaps if this match-up had happened in the fall, the results would be flopped, but Spring fever won out and #2 Peach Cobbler took 70% of the vote over #1 Pecan Pie’s 30%.

Cakes, Puddings & Ice Cream Regional Champion (I’m starting to question my own Southern-ness)

It must have been the Real Southern Men voting on this one, because the ugly, gooey-sweet #1-seed Nanner Puddin’ took 70% of the vote over the less flavorful, but infinitely more stylish #6 Red Velvet Cake’s 30%.

Okay, now’s your chance to set things right … if that’s even possible at this point:

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