One for the Newcomers: The Best of RSM

This week, Real Southern Men is mentioned in Birmingham Magazine’s “Man Issue.” We haven’t actually read it, yet, but we have noticed a spike in activity here on the site as a result.

In order to give our new readers a taste of everything RSM can be, we’re going to cycle through some of our most popular stories from the past eleven months, moving them up to the top of the front page.

In case you’re too impatient to wait for those, here are some links:

  1. Our all-time top post is a profile of Ben Greer and John Oldshue, the storm chasers who brought central Alabama the first glimpses of the deadly Tuscaloosa tornado on April 27. It’s called “Chasing Down A Killer.”
  2. Number two strikes a lighter chord, a Twanglish Lesson on the words we Southerners substitute for profanity, or as we call them, Southern Cussemisms.
  3. Third is a compilation of weird and curious facts about the Civil War.
  4. Kris Wheeler’s introspective question of how (and whether) we should honor the Confederate dead clocks in next.
  5. “Bard of the Bayou” is a profile of one of the great, unheralded voices of American music, Duke Bardwell, who is also the subject of a new film by RSMs Wayne Franklin and Kris Wheeler.
  6. Next up is our how-to program, The 10-Step Program of Real Southerness.
  7. The next two are RSM Profiles of two notorious Southern scoundrels, outlaw Rube Burrow and…
  8. …pirate Billy Bowlegs.
  9. An interview with outsider artist and recalcitrant RSM contributor Pat Snow is up next.
  10. A Twanglish Lesson about the timeless debate of dinner vs. supper should technically come next, but all Twanglish Lessons are worthy of your attention. So we’ll slide up a fascinating story about the legacy of secessionist William Lowndes Yancey entitled “The Family That Broke A Nation.”

Here’s hoping those of you regular readers who missed these posts the first time around will enjoy them just as much as the newcomers!

3 Responses to “One for the Newcomers: The Best of RSM”

  1. Your spike in readers may also be due to a recent article in the New Yorker (more widely read, and more reputable) which makes light of one of your recent posts….


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