Twanglish Lesson: Get Beside

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is not one of those obvious “a-ha!” moments of Southern culture. If asked to name their top ten Twanglish phrases, this would likely make not one Real Southern Man’s list. And as for the origin of it, we have no idea. That’s what makes it awesome.

Get Besideidiom irritate, annoy or upset another with one’s words or action

How come you let that feller at the Walmarts get beside ya?

This is one of those Twanglish phrases that makes no sense out of context. And doesn’t make much more sense in it. In fact, there’s only one context in which it does make sense, and that context is growing up in the South.  Don’t get me wrong; there are many things I don’t want to get beside me. Tigers and “comedian” Andy Dick come to mind, for obvious reasons. But I still don’t get why letting something get beside you is equivalent to allowing something to upset you.

It’ s at this point that I wish I could reference some biblical quotation or famous poem about allowing one’s problems to come alongside in life’s journey … but I don’t know one. However, if you find one, just remembers that I called dibs on it. It’s nothing personal, so don’t let it get beside you.

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